Behind every truth is politics

Unfortunately, Islamic Republic of Army alias Islamic Republic of Jungle alias Islamic Republic of Pakistan is one of those third world countries, where rights of human, rights of freedom of speech and expression, rights of political activities, (according to the manifesto of Pakistan Oppressed Nations Movement) rights of national identity, and all fundamental and constitutional rights has been trampled in the name of national security owing to a new non-political institution National Security Council have been introduced in the political scenario of Pakistan. It is a big question that what is the function of non-political institution National Security Council (which has been assumed as Mushrraf and Company as East India Company by some political intellectuals) in the politics of Pakistan, and what is logic behind its constitution? Democracy has been never allowed to flourish in Islamic Republic of Pakistan Army. Its polity has been battered by long spells of military rule, racist, fundamentalist, religious and sectarian turmoil. Politics in Pakistan is dominated by military-bureaucratic elite. In 1958, after about 11 years of its initial democratic existence, Pakistan came under first military rule. Since then the country has alternated between martial law and democratic government and has existed in a state of constitutional ambivalence. They army has penetrated the state apparatus and economy 9 even floating its own companies) to such a degree that neither the political class nor social class can have any meaningful share in power without its will